What it means to be a Wedding Photographer

To be part of the happiest times of strangers lives. To  be accepted into the family’s and circle of friends, if only for that day.

To  see  Love, Turmoil, Emotions.

To  see the beauty of the flowers, the Grand Churches, the Beautiful Gardens and outdoors.

The laughter, the  Shrills, the Tears and Cheers.

The wedding dress fits the bride just right. The  Groom looking handsome in his attire.

The friends anew, from childhood too, all come to celebrate with you.

The Mom’s and Dad’s and Siblings too, all dressed up to celebrate with you.

Let’s celebrate with preachers and pictures and dinner too.

Let’s eat cake and dance the night thru.

For we are married and it feels oh so right. 


-Joy Augeson

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